Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Trying to wear something different would probably hurt a little, but hey, it doesn't hurt at all. Found this pants and modified it a little. I rarely wearing pants lately, probably one of my issues . I realized everytime i'm going out, i always wear skirts or dresses.

It's a little annoying that i've never seen my boyfie dressed up lately. But seeing him while in a "fashion mode", i took the chance to ask him to join me in this post.

Blazer - Bkk
Top - Thrift shop
Pants - Thrift shop
Shoes - Petisah

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Snack Bar

A few weeks ago, i was shopping in one of the best thrift shop in medan. While thrifting, i found this rare gem, an oversized floral jacket with a excellent quality. I don't know, but i think it's the best one dollar ever spent in my life. Actually, what i was wearing in this pictures were thrifted items except the shoes and the bag.

Anyways, these pictures were taken during our photoshoot for my upcoming online shop. It was a super tiring day, but those moments was really fun and totally worth it. I'm so grateful to have them as my friends, they helped me a lot. Thank you guys! <3 p="">

Floral Jacket - Thrift Shop
Tartan Top - Thrift Shop
Polkadots skirt - Thrift Shop
Boots - HK
Bag - Gift from Bf

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Today we went to Polonia Airport, an ex-airport in town and we found some abandoned stores there, and they make a good location to take pictures. Anywayssss, gingham patterns are so in right now, that's why I really love this dress, and I can wear it with almost everything, but since the dress is too short I was wearing black shorts underneath. I added mesh top to add the texture.

The photographer :)

Photography : William Iskandar

Mesh Top
Shoes - Lasenora
Hat - Bkk
Bag -  Unbranded

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Quick post! I'm going to sleep right now. I wore this outfit on my birthday few months ago, and of course before I dyed my hair. Anyway, I really love my dress that I got from @thefashionshopp because it has gorgeous details on the sleeves and it has the comfiest material ever. I automatically combined this gorgeous dress with black tights and a pair of chunky platforms. I love how it turned. I also wore my black floppy hat to completed the look. :)

Photos by: William

Shoes - Lasenora
Hat - Bangkok

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Loving these pictures taken by William today. We found colorful door on our way when we go out for some photo hunting. We just did a fast-taking pictures, because we already got some people attention. Though we didn't find another great spot, the natural lighting makes this place quite a scenery. Anyway, I'm wearing @volare_projects t-shirt with a rabbit portrait on it. soooo cute! 

 Top - Volare
Skirt - Thrift
Shoes - Lasenora
Hat - Bkk

Thursday, July 3, 2014

TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Road To New York : Fashion Spread Challenge

So, for the last challenge we have to  make-over someone. And I pick my sister as my victim today. Today's make-over theme is Tartan, So, for the first outfit inspired by the Street Styler, with the tartan jacket, she still looks chic and edgy in the same time. And for the second outfit inspired by the 90's. Anyway, check the behind the scene video here:

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