Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoulder Shoulder

i don't know where the best place to take a photoshot (at my house). huhu. i know my pictures are bad, but, i promise i will have a good picture.

blue shoulder shirt, black old skirt, black tight, brown oxford shoes

Telkom Christmas Party

at first, the party was boring,then my sister, william, and i left the Christmas party, because we did'nt get food and was very hungry, so we went to nasi goreng surya, my favorite place to eat. after dinner, william drove me and my sis back to the Christmas party, the party was not yet finished. feel bored and sleepy so ike (my sister) and me taking pictures in all places.

with our beautiful mom

My Outfits :
Black dress : Cherry
black suede ankle boots
seebychloe bags

Pump It Up (without william)

i play PIU on friday 18th, I play it alone, because william was attending biblecamp from campus. huhu. William is my best PIU partner. I think william is very good in PIU, he mastered it.
PIU songs that I play most often are :
  • U'two - Mistake (Nightmare Lv 12)
  • Bigbang - LaLaLa (Nightmare Lv 13)
  • Wonder girls - Tell me (Crazy Lv 14)
  • Pumptris Quattro 8bit version (Freestyle Lv ?? Danger)
  • Bigbang - LaLaLa (FreeStyle Lv 5)
and another crazy songs..

These few photos of me while playing PIU

with ♥

Thursday, December 17, 2009

PIKA (Princekoezk)

now I will tell you about pika, my boyfriend.

Our relationship has been running for 6 months (bentar lagi 7 bulan) ;)
I remember when pika express his love, he looked and declared it to the sink in the toilet of a karaoke place "happy puppy". He didn't dare look at my eyes, because of embarrassment.

pika's real name is William iskandar djahamata, I called him pika because he always used the name princekoezk, then i shortened it to pika. hihihi

We love to play Pump it up. every day we went to sunplasa just to play Pump it up. spent a lot of money and time. I thought we wasted our money, but only PIU that can eliminate our boredom.

pika and me love to take pictures, until the memory on my computer and camera is full. hihihi. There are some pictures of us.

enjoy it ♥
(P.S : sorry for my bad English)


hello there I'm new here, my name is Yunita Elisabeth Pangaribuan and I am currently a first semester economic student at USU haha. I am probably the most awkward person you will ever met. I spend way too much time on the Internet.

hmm, my English is so bad...
jadi pake bahasa indonesia aja deh. haha.
telat banget ya kayanya kalo baru buat blog sekarang. ya udah deh ga papa, baru sempet soalnya (padahal tiap hari internetan mulu).

now it's time for me to interacting with you all here on Blogspot.