Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pump It Up (without william)

i play PIU on friday 18th, I play it alone, because william was attending biblecamp from campus. huhu. William is my best PIU partner. I think william is very good in PIU, he mastered it.
PIU songs that I play most often are :
  • U'two - Mistake (Nightmare Lv 12)
  • Bigbang - LaLaLa (Nightmare Lv 13)
  • Wonder girls - Tell me (Crazy Lv 14)
  • Pumptris Quattro 8bit version (Freestyle Lv ?? Danger)
  • Bigbang - LaLaLa (FreeStyle Lv 5)
and another crazy songs..

These few photos of me while playing PIU

with ♥


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