Monday, April 2, 2012

Bangkok Photo Diary 1

Okay.. i know i know this trip were 4 months ago :( But i just want to share it to all of you guys.. :) . having a five days trip in Bangkok with my uni friends was an unforgettable moment! Yeaaah i wanna go there again! And Lucky me, me and my family already planned our trip to Bangkok on this August! YAAAAAY ME! I know, all of you must be wondering why i was really excited about this. you know what? The best thing from Bangkok is.... *drumrolls* THE BEST SHOPPING PLACE EVER! because everything is very very cheap there.. i can't believe it i bought a pretty skirt for only 100B(baht) IDR30.000 from a mall.. And the second best from Bangkok is THE FOOD!! oh gosh *foodgasm* everywhere..*drool* hehehe.. I bougth a lot of fashion stuff there, accessories, top, skirt, dress, and many more.. Hihihi.. All i can say is... TEEHEE! :) PRICELESS

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  1. seems like u had a great time in bangkok! love your blog dear :)


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