Monday, December 24, 2012

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone! wow time flies really fast. It's Christmas already. Maybe this is just a quick post from me. Just got home from Christmas eve celebration. So today i want to post my outfit pics. Yesterday me and my friends held the caroling party. yeah we went from one house to another house singing and sharing the wonderful Christmas together. I wore my favorite green pleated skirt and paired it with a red cardigan. Andd... look at my cute headband.. i got it from Rumah Kreasi Belle . and i just ordered my 2013 headband for new year party. FYI, the price is amazingly cheap. I bought my deer headband only for 15k rupiahs. so cheap ♥♥.  
Okay, That's it for today. Hope you guys have a holy jolly Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMASS!!! 

Pls ignore my ugly ripped stockings

Cardigan and skirt - Thrift Store , Polkadot top - Handmade , Headband - Rumah Kreasi Belle ,  Shoes - Thailand ,  Tights    - Local store (Petisah) 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Elves

That word just came out in my head when i saw my yesterday's outfit pics. Maybe it's because of the hat. My bf was wearing red beanie hat, and it's just made him really really looks like an elf. Yesterday we managed to wear the same shirt that we had and pair it with red color. Tadaaaaah, that's our first couple outfit. and we wore it to church yesterday. We're a little bit embarassed , but i didn't really care what others think, i like it though.

It's near Christmas already and i decided to start wearing something related to christmas colors, like red, green, gold, and other christmas color. Red is my favorite color, so you will see many red color on my next outfit post. Just wait and see. hehehe .Okay. that's all for today. I have so many things to do because today is Monday, and it means a very very busy week will start. *sighhhhh

Disturbing Pose by the cat  -____- 

Checkered Blouse - Local Store , Red Velvet Dress, Hat, Tights - PinkTeary Olshop,  Creepers - Local Store
See yaa readers.. :*

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quality Time

Swimming Time! Yesterday, me and my friends decided to go swimming, since the weather is a bit cloudy, and it's perfect to swim so our skin can not burned easily. Actualy, me and my friends couldn't hangout too often, because of our own business, some of them have to go back to their home town on weekend, and our class schedule is full from monday to friday... Even on holiday they've to go back to their home town to see their family. We had a lack of time to hangout :( . Yesterday we didn't have class, so we could chilling and relaxing until noon, and i really enjoyed it so much. I hope we had more free time to go out.  

Black Shirt - Unbranded , Denim Shorts&Vest - Thrift Store , Creepers - Local Store (Thamrin) , Bag - Bandung

Please ignore our face :p

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liebster Award

A lovely blogger Ann Tanwhom had a great fashion style blog which is really interesting had nominated me for the Liebster Award! oh my god, it is such an honour to be listed down as one of her ten nominees!
the liebster award is for those who had 200 followers below which is great to find new and networthy bloggers around the world.

The Rules:
1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to. 
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers of course) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award. 
5. No tag back!

11 random facts of me:
1. I have been a vocalist for three bands.
2. I am a big fan of Niall Horan from 1D
3. I love Rnb music
4. I wrote 2 songs for my band
5. I'm not good at keeping things, like my gadgets
6. My favorite singer is Hayley Williams
7. I share most of my clothes with my sister, we almost have a same size
8. I hate politics
9. Really love Latte Art since my bf became a barista
10. I hit my boyfriend by his car with 30km/hr (it's a true story)
11. My dad really mad at me and yelled so hard because i cut my hair so short 

11 questions for my nominees!
1. What is your favorite book?
2. What movie that makes you cry?
3. Describe yourself in three words
4. Have you ever googled yourself and been surprised at what you've found?
5. Favorite designer?
6. What is your favorite Tv shows?
7. What is your all time favorite movie?
8. Favorite Quote?
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
10. When do you start blogging?
11. What is your favourite brand (clothes/shoes/jewelry)?

My Answer:

1. How do you define love?
    Love is trusting each other, forgiving each other, and caring for each other
2. What is your soft spot?
    i don't know
3. Given a chance to join any reality show, which show will you be in it?
    The Ellen show maybe :p
4. What do you think blogging is about?
    It's a place where i can share my toughts, my passion and my hobby
5. How important is your blog ?
    It's becoming a part of my life
6. which place would you choose for a honeymoon?
7. What global issue that you wish you can dealt with?
    hmmmm... The inventions of God Particle?
8. given a chance to rename your name, which name would you like to be known as?
    I would like to be known as Kelly or Rylynn
9. How do you define your sense of style?
    Quirky, nerd, and cute!
10. what is your dream career?
      I really wanted to be a fashion stylish
11. What is the three essential items that are always in your bag?
      Wallet, Mirror, and an eyeliner,

Here are my nominees:

1. Marsya
2. Pricilia Felicia
3. Mutiara Tsalatsa
4. Deyn Septiana
5. Izzaura
6. Ruby and Rosa
7. Delvanni
8. Maria
9. Putri Valentina
10. Juventine
11. Melda 

Top & skir - Thrift Store , Bag - Online shop , Knee high socks - DIY , shoes - Bkk