Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hola amigos. As i promised before, i'll keep in touch with you with my newest posts :) So today, i've been doing nothing. I should be studying today because of our tomorrow's exam. But you see, i prefer blogging then studying. This 3 whole days i've been doing most things but studying. I didn't know why i'm getting lazier each day. *Oh God why? 

Anyway, These pictures were taken last week. Actually, this outfit is prepared for a project. But it canceled due to my other work

Wore my bf's leather jacket to maximize the look. :)

And, the last but not least, I have a good news for a coffee lover out there. My boyfriend's just starting a blog about coffee beverages and espresso quality cupping. He also posts some references about a good cafes in Medan. If you're  curious you should check his blog HERE. <<< click! click!

Leather Jacket - Bf's , Denim shirt&skirt - Thrift Store , Tights - PTDshop , Shoes - Petisah

Monday, January 14, 2013

Floral with dots

My very first post on 2013. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! I know it's a lil bit late, but yeah I'm so sorry for lack updates from me. I'm such a bad blogger. but, my wish on this 2013 is I could update my blog as often as possible. 

Never get tired of mixing these prints. This is my outfit on last Sunday.

Floral Blazer&shirt -Thrift Store , Bag - HK , Shoes - Bellagio , Ring - Giveaway from Maggie chan