Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coffee Lovers

I'm back!!!!  After a long long time no posts. I really really want to write and post my outfits photos. I have already take some outfit photos, but i didn't have time. :( I 'm working on my sister's year book photos and i had to edit hundreds of photos every night, and i can't even sleep until 5 a.m everyday. So I needed caffeine a day to make me stay up all night, but the problem is i don't like coffee. Buuut, my boyfriend is a really coffee lovers and he can't live without coffee, wether just to drink it or just make the coffee. And he told me that a good Barista knows the characteristic of people and their taste of coffee. He knew that i don't like coffee but i need it, so he made me a lite cafe latte and added the sugar to make it sweet. Coffee have a lot of varieties and types. the bold one, the acid one, and the other type. I don't really understand about coffee. Hahaha.  Since he made me the light one and easier to drink and pour cute latte art on it, which makes me in love with coffee. 
So if you in love with coffee too, you can check out my bf blog here. and you could emailed him if you want to ask something about coffee. :)

Check out his latte art video too!!

Sweater, Skirt - Petisah , Bag - Thailand , tights - olshop