Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi my lovely readers.. Yesterday, i saw on instagram that there's a blogger competition from . I really really excited about that and so i have to  make my best "pattern look". I really love mixing some patterns on my outfit. Today i decided to pair my vintage pattern blouse with red shorts which is had a small dots pattern on it. What i really love about my outfit is... it suits my shoes.

To soften the "clash". I paired a big pattern shape with the smallest pattern dot

If you guys interested to join the competition you can click here. The competition is free and open for everyone to join. Locals or Internationals.
Come on, let's share your best pattern look too :)

Even the stockings had a pattern too :p

Blouse - Thrift store , Shorts - Nevada , Bag - Thrift Store , Tattoo Stockings - Olshop , Shoes - Bellagio

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Lovers

Me and my boyfie are always trying to find a great places to hang out in Medan, although hunting places surely makes our pockets left a hole (a big hole to be more precise) and made us broke. But somehow it's worth it, you know. Last Saturday, me and my friends went to a vintage cafe "Rumah Kami". At first, i don't even know that there's a cafe this good near my bf house. The place is really really good. Look at the decoration, so vintage and i love it so much.Vintage decoration makes you feel old but in a good way. 

 Icha Vian and William

Since my boyfie reviewed this cafe on his blog. We have permission to take a lot of pictures. Hihi :)
You can read the review here
Ellen, Vian's sister
Blazer - Thrifted , Skirt - Thrifted , Necklace - thailand , Shoes - Adorable Project

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Serious Commitment

Sunday again. Yesterday i went to my friend's wedding party. Actually i have a lot of my friend that already got married in such a young age. Like about, twenty or twenty one. How fast. I felt really sad to know how fast they got married. At this young age, i still want to have fun with them, but what if they're getting serious with their relationships and  trying to take care of their new family. I'm still twenty one and turn twenty two this year, i don't want to take a serious commitment that fast. I still have a lot of things to do before getting married. In my opinion the perfect age of getting married is twenty seven years old . Hehe. So i still have a lot of time to have fun and find something new. 

This is what i wore today while at church. Sorry for the not good pictures, I took this pictures at 7 p.m, so it's already getting dark. :)

You guys must be recognize my long hair HAHHAHA. don't worry, i was wearing a hairclip. kinda miss my long hair, and this hairclip is perfect to bring back my long hair. hahhaha

Stripe dress (worn as a top) - Masquerade , Blue blazer - Masquerade , Denim Skirt - thrift store , Boots - thrift store , Hairclip - Lookdeloop Shop