Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grey Area

Oh my God, it's been too long since i posted a post. 2 months. huhu. yeah i feel lazy since my email, my IMPORTANT email got hacked by someone who wanted to stole my giveaway prize. i won a chicnova giveaway, and when i wanted to check my email, i  couldn't access my email again. i tried the question password, but the hacker changed the answer. hfftttt! i tried to check my chicnova account, shockingly, i can't access my account too!! i  believe i already put the right password.  i should have known the hacker wanted to stole my chicnova prize. hmm. two days later i got mentioned on twitter from someone, she asked me to gave her another chicnova voucher code, she said i gave her a chicnova voucher code from my email, but she couldn't use it and she asked me for another code whaaat! and after all of that i'd never wanted to give a damn to that  things anymore. i had my secondary email and i changed all of any account password from the easy one to the hardest one. :)

Polkadot shirt & floral skirt - Thrift Store , unbranded tights , wedges - Chicnova,  Bag - bandung