Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hello my lovely readers. I just joined a competition from FIMELA.COM . And i really need your help to vote me. Help me guys, i really need your vote. hehehe. You'll be doing a great favor for me by doing this. I'll show you the step to vote me here:

2. And click the black box "VOTE FOR THIS CONTESTANT"

3. Click connect to Facebook

4. Click OK to connect to your fb

5. Now It's time to connect to twitter :)

6. Sign in your twitter account, and then clik AUTO

7. YAY you're done.

Thank you so much for your patient and your time to vote me guys. I don't know how to thank all of you. :*

Sweater - FullofladiesShop  |  Jacket - Samuel and Kevin (Bf's)  |  Shoes - Decimal Shoes

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Romeo ? I don't think so.

I'm officially on my 4th year relationship with my boyfie now. An anniversary i'm always excited about. Times are flying like winds. He's been my greatest partner i've ever found in my entire life.  But, maybe i have never mentioned this. Our relationship are never like Romeo and Juliet. No Love Stories that are too perfect. We often fight, A LOT. But we knew that there were always ways out. And we did learn things from what we fought. Somethings that changed us to become a better person. Luckily, we got all through that.

I just wanted to tell you, there's no Prince Charming and there will never be. I did learn great things from him, and so did he. We become mature in every problem we faced. And for me, there were times that hard. But there's a time that we looked things behind with giggles, smiles, and laugh. 
If my boyfie was Romeo, He won't drink that poisonous liquid to go to heaven with Juliet. But i'm pretty sure He'd do stupid things like calling neighbours and asked another guy to do a CPR instead of him.

But this guy, earns it. He's no Romeo, and i'm no Juliet too. There's no love at first sight.  For me, love needs trusts, and trusts need to be built. :)

This is my outfit last sunday. Fall in love with this polkadot tights that i just bought recently. Actually the base color of the tights is green, but you probably can not see it clearly when i wear it. The polkadots are really into that day, and i felt i should wore it (it gives a mint look for a sunny day and on sunday too).

Blue shirt - INQ , bag  - zara , polkadot tights - petisah - skirt - kazuki