Thursday, September 19, 2013


Matahari Departement Store held this competition again this year, yes i've been waiting for it from last year because last year i wasn't join. really excited for joining this competition. my heart is pounding! Okay, now about my outfit. I can submit 3 looks and wearing some brands from Matahari Departement Store Such as, Nevada, Details, Connexion, St. Yves, American Jeans, Cole, Phenomenal, Super T, and Surf The Earth. You know what, some of them are my favorite brands. :) , so these are my outfits :

Androgyny. Dressy without dress. yes. Androgynous is the answer. I'm wearing Navy Blazer from Details, it has elegant cut, that's why i'm in love with it from the first sight , and dark green pants from American Jeans. I love the combination between these stuff. it makes a really cool combo. Of course the maroon loafers will make the color palette more awesome. Been searching these kind of loafer for ages, and i got it from Connexion" . And didn't forget to put on my recent favorite hat. :)


  Really really in love with American Jeans pants. So comfortable to wear, and of course it has a very cool cut. Definitely it'll be my favorite pants  :)

Look at the details. That's the main reason why i love this blazer. <3 p="">

Blazer - Details
Inner (Tank) - Details
Pants - American Jeans
Loafers - Connexion
Bag - Accessorize London
Hat - Unbranded

Playful Chic. That's i named my second outfit. I just want to make it comfortable by looking gorgeous and fun at the same time. So i wear Nevada Sweatshirt that has a tribal pattern with neon pink touch on the prints, and paired it with Cole Stretch Bodycon skirt, Because the top already loose, so bodycon skirt is the perfect partner for it. Knee high socks is my favorite. it keep me warm and fashionable too :)

The Sweatshirt Prints. AWESOME!!!

Sweatshirt - Nevada
Skirt - Cole
Loafers - Connexion
Knee high socks - Unbranded

Preppy. My last outfit, decided to combine the navy blazer with the bodycon skirt. And i love the combo. hihi. Navy printed top for the inner is from Details too, but i already own it for years and i still in love with it. And the white bow is actually a hair accessory but i love it when i put it as a tie. In this outfit i wore Connexion loafers too but in Beige color. Last but not least The bag is from Fladeo, Major Love!

Blazer - Details
Inner - Details
Skirt - Cole
Bag - Fladeo
Loafers - Connexion
Hat - Unbranded

Monday, September 2, 2013


Constraints, is a word i often came up to my mind if i get motivated whenever i wanted to write a post on my blog. One of the obstacle is it was really hard for me to take pictures by myself. I always asked someone to help me, sometimes my sister and sometimes my boyfie. But somehow it really giving me an upset look whenever they just don't want to. Especially my boyfie. (urrrgh. he really pissed me off when he just told me that he was embarrassed when he took my pictures in the public). Curious, it's actually me that should got embarrassed everytime he took pictures, he's the photographer LOL. But then again, he always took my pictures. 

These pictures of mine are taken by him in front of my house (because it's a quite place) no one pass around often. Whereas, i really wanted a different background, someplace that unique. Well, i'll just sit back and wait to see his mood gets better. :)

Floral Denim Vest - Bangkok , White Shirt - Unbranded , Skirt - Bangkok , Shoes - Thrifted , Bag -  Accessorize London