Monday, February 24, 2014

Casual Day

We were at a coffee shop and manage to took some outfit pics there, but experiencing people staring at you while taking pictures is not comfortable.  But anyway, i can manage it now after years-and years of blogging.

I'm totally into this parka. I don't know, i just love it. And i love to combine everything to it. yes everything, because it's quite easy and look nice. Pairing Houndstooth with polka dots? Seems exaggerated at first. But I love how it turned out. Anyway Don't forget to check CHOIES.COM because they have an up to 40% sale right now, and i guarantee you would love to browse through their collections.

Top - Handmade
Pants - Thailand
Bag - Mom's vintage bag
Shoes & Hat - unbranded

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gloomy Days

My very first post on 2014. I'm so sorry for abandoned this blog again. Actually I already planed to write some outfit posts. But things kept me busy, you know, college stuff. Senior years always, and always give the hard times, and things aren't going well. But that's okay, because I've got a very cool parka jacket from my all time favorite online shop Choies, I keep that going for me which is nice. 

I always wanted to have one parka jacket in my closet, and finally I found one that matched with what I'm looking for. Thanks to, they have wide-ranged and varied parka jackets that you can choose. I chose the thin-material one, because like everyone know, Indonesia is a tropical country, So everyday is a warm day. 

Parka jacket is so easy to combine, I paired it with high waist shorts and a button up shirt. As a personal touch I wore heels to add girly look. I'm quite impressed with the result. :)

Shirt - Thrift shop
Shorts - Thrift shop
Shoes - TashaPforshoes (instagram)
Umbrella - lovely_box (instagram)