Friday, March 28, 2014

Be Grateful

24 March 14, four days ago. Is the day i will never forget. I had a terrible experience, there were robbers entering our house and threatened us (me , my little sister and grandma) to remain silent by using a gun and knives. My parents were out of town that day. It was 10 am in the morning and we had breakfast while they were trying to breakthrough the front door. Three huge men trying to break the door, but it was already too late when i reached the front door and screamed, my little sister trembling while trying to make a phone call, i was fell and one of them pointing a gun point blank to my head. My sister was slapped until her glasses fell off, they try to choke my grandma as well. Two of them force us to go to the bathroom and threatened us to remain silent again and making sure that we weren't bring any kind of phone. The other guy trying to make sure my grandma  to enter the bathroom with us, but somehow, those guys didn't see my grandma and was already escaping from the side door. While she screamed, the three bad men probably shock and escape using a car, right before our neighbors came. It happened so fast, me and my sister were praying in the bathroom, probably while they were making an escape. No harm were done to us, and nothing was stolen. 
Until today, i'm writing this post in tremble, shock. But i'm very grateful that my God helps me in time. i still remember when they were inside the house, they were somehow confused and panic as well, i believe it was God's work made them that way.  I had terrible experience, but i believe that day is a day that God Himself can make me testify how great He is. I'm grateful that day was happened, I'm grateful to be alive. 

Two Tone Shirt - Clickfashionstore (instagram)
Skirt - Thrift Store
Shoes - Unbranded
Hat - Unbranded

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plaid On Plaid

I manage to find a great place to take pictures. There's always a first time in everything, and taking pictures in someplace you don't know yet is a funny experience. You will scared because people looking at you, and you'll be "outcast" immediately by the security officer (believe me, i know that feeling). We managed to take pictures without getting caught though. hehehe....  i think.. But anyway, here is my latest outfit.

Outer - Boyfriend's Shirt
Inner - Thrifted
Shorts - Thrifted
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Bandung
Necklace - Bkk

Monday, March 17, 2014


Me and my boyfie are always debating when we were trying to find a good spot for shooting and taking pictures. I mean YES, we did fight on several occasions when some of my pictures were taken. Finding a perfect spot has become our hobby ever since i decided to join an event in instagam. A 30 days outifit challenge this march.
We always end up apologizing to each other tough. And things are going really well for us to know, that the more we debate, the more we realize that it is important to see each other perspectives rather than try to let our ego to solve the problems. And all of those fights are paid off, the pictures we took seems pretty rewarding. 

We were trying to edit some of the pictures mix with the theme combine.Editing RAW formatted pictures require lots of work to be done. But the result is always amazing

Coat - Online Shop
Turtleneck Top - Mom's
Skirt - Thailand
Bag - Bandung
Shoes - Thamrin Plaza ( Medan)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back to 90's

A few days ago i watched a Thai movie, called TOP SECRET a.k.a Billionaire, based on a true event. A simple story of a young man trying and trying to become an entrepreneur yet he discover hard times doing business. From selling MMORPG weapons in online game, cheap Dvds, chestnuts, until his final and legendary snack the "Tao Kae Noi", a seeweed snack and becoming one of the most successful man on Thailand.

Thing is, i'm not going to say that "never-give-up-hope" or "dream-big-and-make-it-happen" quotes. The real thing is not about giving up or chasing dreams. What would you do when you made a huge decision and reach a point of no return, no choice but to take your word and climb up ? I discover it was all about value, if we have less, we will value almost anything we have. 

Today i stole my boyfie varsity jacket and take a shoot at an abandoned school backyard. My outfit today was inspired by the 90's era. Crop shirt, oversize jacket and high waisted jeans.


Jacket - Thrift shop
crop top - DIY
Creepers - unbranded
High waisted jeans - Bkk